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Our training specialists can create an interactive workshop tailored to your organization’s needs. Extensive experience working with multiple adult learning styles allows us to design engaging programs for employees at all levels. Let us help you increase productivity and reduce liability through training and team-building. Call 609.730.1049 today!logo-dots

Employee Training & Development

Curriculum Design Experts

The right training programs can improve employee skills and strengthen commitment to the organization. Poorly planned and executed training, however, can be a waste of time.

Our HR consulting team includes experts in curriculum design and educators who are skilled at working with a range of adult learning styles. We help organizations in need of change management and create in-person training programs and team-building exercises that reinforce key concepts with fun activities.

Employee Development

Many times, new employees are not given the same amount of training that is typically required for successful onboarding. Proper employee training will allow them to acquire the knowledge and skills needed for achieving success in their roles. A lack of employee development training can actually hinder their ability to perform at the same level as their colleagues.

Sample Courses

Over the years, we have developed a wide range of classes and workshops to help companies of all sizes improve core skills and promote a positive corporate culture. We tailor each program to your unique requirements. Below is a list of just some of the courses we have developed.

  • Communication. Facilitated self-assessment, discussion, and exercises help participants learn to build constructive and effective relationships.
  • Conflict. This course offers insights into physical and emotional responses to conflict, while providing strategies for successful resolution.
  • Customer Service. Participants learn how to create a customer service policy that increases satisfaction and loyalty by understanding customers’ needs.
  • Diversity. This interactive, thought-provoking workshop helps participants discuss workplace diversity in an open forum and develop solutions to real-world issues within the organization.
  • Integrating Generations. This practical seminar explores how organizations can turn differences within a multi-generational workforce into opportunities and strengths.
  • Interviewing. Avoid expensive hiring mistakes by learning how to ask the right questions and identify the right candidates, all while limiting exposure to legal liability.
  • Leadership. This interactive program features hands-on activities to help participants improve their leadership abilities and effectively manage their team.
  • Change Management. Designed for any organization in transition, this workshop helps participants understand the change process and develop tools to succeed in a dynamic environment.
  • Meetings. This course improves efficiency by guiding participants through successful meeting planning, execution, and follow-up.
  • Project Management. This workshop provides the skills, strategies, and tools to help participants manage successful projects, from defining the scope and identifying resources to dealing with changes and reporting results.
  • Respect in the Workplace. Participants cover such issues as workplace harassment, sexual harassment, discrimination, and bullying in an interactive workshop that combines case studies, group discussion, and research.
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention. This live, interactive course helps organizations promote a safe working environment and trains managers how to prevent and resolve claims of sexual harassment. Note: The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission recommends that training be live and interactive and allow participants to ask questions. Our course offers this!
  • Stress Management. Participants learn how to identify sources of stress, how it affects them, and healthy ways to handle stressful situations.
  • Team Building. This collaborative workshop helps forge high-performance teams through a shared mission, sound action plans, clear roles and responsibilities, and conflict resolution.


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