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Carnival of HR: February 2018 Edition

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Managing change means working closely with employees and setting clear goals about how the change will be managed.

Managing employees through a period of change takes art, intuition, skill, strong listening, and effective communication. When done correctly, change management can help a leader gain respect and loyalty. Done poorly, it can have adverse effects on the organization and […]

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Join Us At: Coming up Empty on Hiring New Employees

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Just One HR Outsourcing Success Story

Can’t hire a full time HR professional? Need one?

It is fairly common for small to mid-sized organizations to call upon us to set up human resource programs and policies, as well as provide customized training and coaching.

For one such company, a small, highly entrepreneurial direct-to-consumer e-commerce enterprise, we conducted an initial needs assessment, and then, […]

Human Resources Trends for 2017

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Human resources departments are facing changes and adjusting to expectations of new generations of workers. Here are the HR trends anticipated for the coming year.

With the changing political landscape and new generations of workers in the workplace, Human Resource professionals will need to stay informed about legal issues and proactively plan for […]