What Is the Difference Between Executive Coaching & Career Coaching?

Executive coaching and career coaching might sound like similar concepts, but they’re actually quite different. At the Lindenberger Group, we’re not just a top-rated HR consulting firm serving NYC and beyond. We also provide both executive coaching and career coaching; however, each is designed to fulfill different functions. Both types of coaching involve working with individuals to enhance certain aspects of their job performance, but executive coaching is meant to benefit an entire organization, while career coaching is geared towards benefitting one individual in regards to their personal career trajectory. Let’s take a close look at the subject and dive deeper into the differences between executive coaching and career coaching. 


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What Are the Benefits of Executive Coaching?

Executive coaching can have many benefits for your business, including improved self-awareness, enhanced employee morale, and even better self-regulation. With the help of experienced HR coaches, your leaders can gain a better understanding of how each individual and department interacts, and find room for improvement. There are so many layers to human resources management, so […]

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How to Hire the Best

Everyone benefits from a good interview. An effective interview gives you the data you need to make the right hiring decision and promotes your company’s good brand to the prospective employee and his network.

However, from years of recruiting and interviewing experience, we have observed that job candidates and hiring managers alike may be nervous about […]

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Employee Satisfaction Surveys

The success of a business is dependent on its talent – the employees, the knowledge workers, and associates, technical or functional specialists; the people who do the work and make the company successful.

How does an organization keep employees motivated and focused, so they elect to remain employed and fully productive?   A comprehensive employee retention program […]

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Who to Hire?

After you have recruited and interviewed candidates for an open position, how do you decide who to hire?

Here is a simple strategy that can help you make the best choice.

First, list up to five key competencies that are essential for the open position. For a customer service job, for instance, a few key competencies might […]

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