Trending: Generous time-off policies enhance recruitment, retention

By Martin Daks, March 12, 2018, NJ Biz

Jesper Helt, vice president and chief HR officer, Commvault. Commvault employees can play foosball, ping pong, air hockey, pool and arcade games in their building. – (AARON HOUSTON)

Unlimited paid time off, or PTO, is a hot trend among employee-benefits innovators. It’s not without attendant challenges, of course, but those stepping into […]

7 Great Reasons to Outsource HR

To answer the question “Why should companies outsource their HR function?”, you need look no further than the reasons you outsource other specialized tasks. The exceptional HR professional must possess deep understanding of countless processes and regulations, many of which have steep consequences if performed poorly.

HR professionals have to master several detailed areas of knowledge […]

Carnival of HR: HR TRENDS

I am excited to host this month’s Carnival of HR. The theme is HR Trends and there are some great reads!

Ben Eubanks gives us a “first peek at some of the priorities (both high and low) that are going to drive decision-making in the coming year” in 2017 Talent Acquisition Priorities (High and Low) at: […]

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Human Resources Trends for 2017

Published in Business Know-How

Human resources departments are facing changes and adjusting to expectations of new generations of workers. Here are the HR trends anticipated for the coming year.

With the changing political landscape and new generations of workers in the workplace, Human Resource professionals will need to stay informed about legal issues and proactively plan for […]

Better Safe than Sorry – Know your Obligations under OSHA

On January 1st of this year, new federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements with regard to injury and illness went into effect. Two crucial changes were made regarding recording and reporting employee injuries sustained while on the job. Employers should be prepared to expect a more aggressive approach to workplace inspections as well.

Starting […]

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