What Are the Benefits of Career Coaching?

If you are considering a career change, are unhappy with your current job, or simply want to tweak your resume, a career coach could be just what you need. Career coaches can help you determine your optimal career trajectory, improve your resume, develop a practical networking strategy, prepare for job interviews, negotiate salary, or even start your own business.

As one of Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey’s most trusted sources of career training mentors, the Lindenberger Group is proud to help our clients find their desired career paths. Continue reading for more details about the benefits of career coaching.


Why Would You Offer Job Search Assistance to Displaced Employees?

For many years, employers have offered what was commonly known as outplacement assistance to associates who had been severed from the company for a variety of reasons. In fact, a whole new industry, born out of RIF’s, began to proliferate in the ‘80’s.

Today, there are many online resources for displaced employees, but the importance of […]

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Conducting Reference Checks on Potential Employees

You learn a lot about potential employees during job interviews, but performing a reference check can ensure that applicant is being honest and is a good fit for your business. Here’s how you should go about checking references and a list of questions you should ask.


Three Tips for Using Social Media to Build your Brand

This is a guest post from Alexey Etcheverry, a social media expert who has given me great advice and tips to grow our brand at The Lindenberger Group. Read his tips for using social media to build your brand.

Smart business owners and job seekers are optimizing their online presence through social media. While it may […]

The Case for Virtual Career Outplacement

Layoffs have touched nearly every American household over the last few years according to a recent RutgersUniversity study. Nearly a quarter of Americans say they were laid off at some point during the recession or afterward. And, nearly eight in 10 say they know someone in their circle of family and friends who has lost […]