What Are the Benefits of Career Coaching?

If you are considering a career change, are unhappy with your current job, or simply want to tweak your resume, a career coach could be just what you need. Career coaches can help you determine your optimal career trajectory, improve your resume, develop a practical networking strategy, prepare for job interviews, negotiate salary, or even start your own business.

As one of Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey’s most trusted sources of career training mentors, the Lindenberger Group is proud to help our clients find their desired career paths. Continue reading for more details about the benefits of career coaching.


Outsourcing Your IT For Small Businesses

Technology is inexorably linked to business operations. However, being a savvy entrepreneur or a skilled craftsman doesn’t guarantee technical knowledge. As such, many small to medium-sized business owners are finding themselves overwhelmed with juggling the challenges of running their organizations and keeping their IT environment in working order.

Fortunately, Managed Service Providers (MSPs), such as Ram […]

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Transitioning from a Career in Education to Human Resources

Changing careers is not an easy endeavor because you will rarely meet all the must-have requirements to do so. Switching industries as part of changing careers is even more challenging. Here are some specific strategies that will assist you in transitioning careers and/or industries.

First, changing careers takes resilience and vigor. To be successful, you need to […]

Three Tips for Using Social Media to Build your Brand

This is a guest post from Alexey Etcheverry, a social media expert who has given me great advice and tips to grow our brand at The Lindenberger Group. Read his tips for using social media to build your brand.

Smart business owners and job seekers are optimizing their online presence through social media. While it may […]

Getting the Best Out of Your Interns

During my fourteen years of business I have been approached by several college students looking for an unpaid internship. Each relationship provided my business with great rewards. But it’s not a one way street. Five tips for getting the best out of your interns:


Ask why they want to be an intern and have them provide […]