Trending: Generous time-off policies enhance recruitment, retention

By Martin Daks, March 12, 2018, NJ Biz

Jesper Helt, vice president and chief HR officer, Commvault. Commvault employees can play foosball, ping pong, air hockey, pool and arcade games in their building. – (AARON HOUSTON)

Unlimited paid time off, or PTO, is a hot trend among employee-benefits innovators. It’s not without attendant challenges, of course, but those stepping into […]

How to Develop a Pay for Performance Compensation Model

Implementing a pay-for-performance model requires the careful development of policies, procedures, and assessments.

Are you considering implementing a pay for performance model at your company? Understanding the necessary steps and overlaps with HR departments is an important consideration before embarking on such a compensation strategy.

As seen in the recent article, Why Should You Consider Moving to a Pay for […]

Before Saying Good-Bye

Before Saying Good-Bye

October 13, 2017 Mid Jersey Business Magazine

The right (and wrong) way to conduct an exit review

Usually, by the time employees give their notice, it’s too late to keep them. Last-ditch attempts like raises or promotions don’t typically work. But what if you could get more insight as to why your firm’s employees […]

Improving Employee Engagement with Rewards and Recognition

Recognizing your employees can improve morale, productivity, and retention.

A recent Gallup research study shows that employees who do not feel properly recognized are twice as likely to say they will quit within the next year.

Fortunately, companies can make a big difference by offering employee reward and recognition programs. These programs are usually not that expensive to implement […]

4 Lessons HR Can Glean from Google Management Practices

Employee career paths are a major focus of Google interactions between workers and managers.

Earlier this year, Google released information about some of its most effective management and leadership programs. These tools provide some interesting insights into how the company helps its employees grow and its managers lead.

The programs offer valuable lessons for companies looking to transform their […]