Trending: Generous time-off policies enhance recruitment, retention

By Martin Daks, March 12, 2018, NJ Biz

Jesper Helt, vice president and chief HR officer, Commvault. Commvault employees can play foosball, ping pong, air hockey, pool and arcade games in their building. – (AARON HOUSTON)

Unlimited paid time off, or PTO, is a hot trend among employee-benefits innovators. It’s not without attendant challenges, of course, but those stepping into […]

8 Top Benefits of Training Simulations in the Workplace

Simulation training helps employees experience real-world examples and get up to speed faster.

Employee training is a hallmark HR program that helps employers ensure that workers have the necessary skills and abilities to perform their job duties correctly. As workplaces become more complex, with more digital tools, databases, software applications, and devices necessary to complete work, […]

Three Reasons Why You Should Conduct an Employee Engagement Survey

As a leader, your biggest asset is your workforce. Conducting employee engagement surveys is a great way to learn what is important to your workers. Here are three reasons why you should conduct one at your company.

Measure Employee Engagement. The term employee engagement means employees who are committed and passionate about their jobs. Better engagement means […]

Truth or Consequences… How to Give Employees Feedback

In the bestseller, Good to Great, Jim Collins discovered that, “the good-to-great companies continually refined the path to greatness with the brutal facts of reality.”

And, in his autobiography, Jack Welch reports that he spent about half of his time on people: recruiting new talent, picking the right people for particular positions, grooming young stars, developing managers, […]

Mentoring and Millennials

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