Want Exceptional Customer Service and Employee Performance? Put Policies and Procedures in Writing

Does your company need help developing policies and procedures? The Lindenberger Group, a New Jersey-based, award-winning human resources consulting firm, can help.

Here is one example of our success in developing policies and procedures.

One of our clients, a small manufacturing company, doubled from a staff of about twenty employees to forty employees in a short period […]

What is HR?

What does a Human Resources department do? Most people are aware that HR handles recruitment, payroll, employment policies, benefits and compensation. HR also often acts as a go-between for employees and managers, and can explain company policies such as FMLA and paid time off.

The most important function of HR, though, is hiring talented employees, developing […]

Some of Our Success Stories .. Check it Out!

A member of our team, Joe Leotta, was engaged with a small, entrepreneurial company located in New Jersey that markets its products direct-to-consumer. The company sources products overseas and depends on multiple self-developed/managed e-commerce platforms to market and sell its product lines.

The company lacked Human Resources systems and needed to organize its work rules, compensation […]

8 Ways to Manage Change in the Workplace Effectively

Managing change means working closely with employees and setting clear goals about how the change will be managed.

Managing employees through a period of change takes art, intuition, skill, strong listening, and effective communication. When done correctly, change management can help a leader gain respect and loyalty. Done poorly, it can have adverse effects on the organization and […]

Why Should You Consider Moving to a Pay for Performance Compensation Model?

Compensation that is tied to performance should also be connected to corporate goals.

Pay-for-performance has powerful advantages for companies that consider shifting to this compensation model. What are those advantages? Here are a few factors to ponder.

Potential Advantages of Pay-for-Performance Models

What is pay for performance? It is a model where employees are paid based on productivity as […]