And Yet Another HR Success Story from The Lindenberger Group

For one of our New York City nonprofit clients, some employees did not clock in/out because there was no clock at the location where they work.  Our consultant, Cory DiSalvo, contacted the company that manages their timekeeping system and set up the employees to clock in/out remotely using the web.  All that is needed was […]

Some of Our Success Stories .. Check it Out!

A member of our team, Joe Leotta, was engaged with a small, entrepreneurial company located in New Jersey that markets its products direct-to-consumer. The company sources products overseas and depends on multiple self-developed/managed e-commerce platforms to market and sell its product lines.

The company lacked Human Resources systems and needed to organize its work rules, compensation […]

8 Ways to Manage Change in the Workplace Effectively

Managing change means working closely with employees and setting clear goals about how the change will be managed.

Managing employees through a period of change takes art, intuition, skill, strong listening, and effective communication. When done correctly, change management can help a leader gain respect and loyalty. Done poorly, it can have adverse effects on the organization and […]

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Carnival of HR – Pre #SHRM17 Edition

Transitioning from a Career in Education to Human Resources

Changing careers is not an easy endeavor because you will rarely meet all the must-have requirements to do so. Switching industries as part of changing careers is even more challenging. Here are some specific strategies that will assist you in transitioning careers and/or industries.

First, changing careers takes resilience and vigor. To be successful, you need to […]