What Are the New Sick Leave Laws in New Jersey?

The New Jersey Sick Leave law, signed by Governor Murphy on May 2, will go into effect in October. New Jersey joins Arizona, California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington with paid sick leave laws. While there will be some cost to employers, research shows that the benefits of paid sick leave […]

Essential Elements of Effective Sexual Harassment Training

To be effective, training programs must include bystander awareness programs, according to a recent government report.

News stories are emerging daily identifying incidents of sexual harassment in the workplaces of some of the most powerful companies and institutions in the country. Each day brings reports of notable figures in media, entertainment, government, and business being accused of […]

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What Is the True Value of an HR Audit?

An HR audit provides deep insights into multiple human resources functions.

The role of human resources continues to evolve in many companies today. As organizations look to HR to identify, hire, train, and mentor employees into valued contributors, those companies need to be sure that each of these functions is operating at peak performance levels.

That is […]

New York State Paid Family Leave: What Employers Should Know

New York’s paid family leave legislation eventually will provide new parents with up to 12 weeks of coverage.

In April 2016, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed into law legislation that provides for a 12-week paid family leave. Understanding the key dates, provisions, and details of the new law can help HR departments and company leaders […]

9 Management Tips for Clear Compensation Communication

Sound compensation conversations are rooted in a clearly defined and articulated compensation strategy.

Compensation conversations are critical discussions to have with employees. Knowing how to frame these conversations, what to say (and not say), and leverage these conversations to improve employee engagement are all powerful skills to learn.

Here are some of the key reasons good compensation […]