Executive Coaching Hits the Mark

The Lindenberger Group, a New Jersey-based, award-winning human resources consulting firm, provides executive coaching to help our clients reach their goals.

Here is an example of one of our coaching success stories.

A newly hired director was not effectively transitioned from his previous role as technical expert to his new job as director of his department. In […]

How to Develop a Pay for Performance Compensation Model

Implementing a pay-for-performance model requires the careful development of policies, procedures, and assessments.

Are you considering implementing a pay for performance model at your company? Understanding the necessary steps and overlaps with HR departments is an important consideration before embarking on such a compensation strategy.

As seen in the recent article, Why Should You Consider Moving to a Pay for […]

Why Should You Consider Moving to a Pay for Performance Compensation Model?

Compensation that is tied to performance should also be connected to corporate goals.

Pay-for-performance has powerful advantages for companies that consider shifting to this compensation model. What are those advantages? Here are a few factors to ponder.

Potential Advantages of Pay-for-Performance Models

What is pay for performance? It is a model where employees are paid based on productivity as […]

8 Top Benefits of Training Simulations in the Workplace

Simulation training helps employees experience real-world examples and get up to speed faster.

Employee training is a hallmark HR program that helps employers ensure that workers have the necessary skills and abilities to perform their job duties correctly. As workplaces become more complex, with more digital tools, databases, software applications, and devices necessary to complete work, […]

Before Saying Good-Bye

Before Saying Good-Bye

October 13, 2017 Mid Jersey Business Magazine

The right (and wrong) way to conduct an exit review

Usually, by the time employees give their notice, it’s too late to keep them. Last-ditch attempts like raises or promotions don’t typically work. But what if you could get more insight as to why your firm’s employees […]