Executive Coaching Hits the Mark

The Lindenberger Group, a New Jersey-based, award-winning human resources consulting firm, provides executive coaching to help our clients reach their goals.

Here is an example of one of our coaching success stories.

A newly hired director was not effectively transitioned from his previous role as technical expert to his new job as director of his department. In […]

More HR Success Stories … From The Lindenberger Group

The Lindenberger Group partnered with a construction company in New Jersey that was struggling with bridging relationships between apprentices, non-union workers, union workers and office staff. Sue Vandereof, one of our consultants, helped the company create a field initiative program. The goals of the program were to develop a more open dialogue between workers and […]

Before Saying Good-Bye

Before Saying Good-Bye

October 13, 2017 Mid Jersey Business Magazine

The right (and wrong) way to conduct an exit review

Usually, by the time employees give their notice, it’s too late to keep them. Last-ditch attempts like raises or promotions don’t typically work. But what if you could get more insight as to why your firm’s employees […]

Why Would You Offer Job Search Assistance to Displaced Employees?

For many years, employers have offered what was commonly known as outplacement assistance to associates who had been severed from the company for a variety of reasons. In fact, a whole new industry, born out of RIF’s, began to proliferate in the ‘80’s.

Today, there are many online resources for displaced employees, but the importance of […]

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Advantages of Career Outplacement Programs … for all size companies!

Maintaining or Enhancing Corporate Image

Organizations undergoing workforce change typically invest heavily to “manage” the impact of the news on internal and external audiences. The attitudes and reactions of transitioning employees and their former work colleagues have just as much effect as the more formal communications that the organization directs to clients, the local community, and […]

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