Executive Coaching Hits the Mark

The Lindenberger Group, a New Jersey-based, award-winning human resources consulting firm, provides executive coaching to help our clients reach their goals.

Here is an example of one of our coaching success stories.

A newly hired director was not effectively transitioned from his previous role as technical expert to his new job as director of his department. In […]

Starbucks Provides Anti-Bias Training

Today Starbucks will close its stores to provide anti-bias training following the recent incident in a Philadelphia store where a manager called the police to remove two black men who had not ordered drinks.

What does anti-bias training need to include?

First, the training should be interactive and allow for discussion and reflection.

Second, the training should focus […]

Do Not Ask Job Candidates These Questions

How old are you?

When did you graduate from high school? College?

Are you married?

Are you gay?

Do you have children? Do you plan on having children? When?

Who will take care of your children when you are at work?

Is English your first language?

What country are you from?

Where were you born? Where were your parents born?

What is your religion?

Do […]

How to Ask for A Raise

You have done a great job and clearly excel above your coworkers. Time for a raise, right? Not necessary. According to research, the number one reason for giving a subordinate a raise is not to reward him but to keep him. Retention is why bosses give raises more often than not.

Knowing that, here are a […]

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More HR Success Stories … From The Lindenberger Group

The Lindenberger Group partnered with a construction company in New Jersey that was struggling with bridging relationships between apprentices, non-union workers, union workers and office staff. Sue Vandereof, one of our consultants, helped the company create a field initiative program. The goals of the program were to develop a more open dialogue between workers and […]