Join Us At: Coming up Empty on Hiring New Employees

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Seeking a VP of Operations

Seeking a VP of Operations for our Brooklyn-based, nonprofit client. Lead 30 staff. Oversee Visitor Experience, Community Relations, Marketing/Communications, Finance, HR, Building Operations. Contact Joe Leotta at

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Starting a Career in HR? Here’s What You Need to Know

HR’s landscape might not resemble the stock market’s ebb and flow. But it does bring surprises and even risks that newcomers like you must know to plot your next career move.

Your Here and Now
If you’re reading this blog post, you’re probably new to HR. You might have earned a degree, maybe even landed your first […]

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How Learning & Development Can Boost Your Hiring Success Rate

Let’s face it. Hiring can be tough. The unemployment rate is low – just 4.4% according to the Department of Labor Statistics – and employers are competing against one another to hire the best talent. So what can you do to boost your hiring success rate? How can you differentiate your company from the rest of the […]

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How to Outsource HR without Losing Your Own Job

Increasingly, companies are outsourcing HR functions to focus on core strategies and tap into proven expertise.

Outsourcing HR functions is a smart move for large and small organizations alike. By focusing internal expertise on core functionality and allowing outside experts to work on other HR work, internal staff is better able to focus on strategic projects […]

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