Save Time and Money with Flexible, Affordable Human Resources Expertise

Human Resources Consulting

Do your human resources efforts actively advance your business goals? Young companies often don’t realize how much time and money the right HR systems can save. Even firms with established HR teams sometimes need help with specific issues or during certain periods. Our senior-level HR consultants can provide as much – or as little – help as needed to make your human resources program a critical piece of your organization’s success.

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HR Tools & Support

What do you need to make human resources easier to manage? Job descriptions and employee manuals can create consistency and fulfill compliance requirements. Employee surveys and exit interviews offer objective insight into perceptions and attitudes about management and the organization. An HR audit reviews your current human resources systems and identifies potential penalties and lawsuits. We also offer recruiting assistance to help you fill vacancies without slowing operations.

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Coaching, Mentoring & Outplacement

Are you helping team members make their greatest contributions? Our coaching and award-winning mentoring services help improve employee morale and productivity. Personalized assessments and feedback offer insights into individual strengths and opportunities for development. Career outplacement services provide valuable guidance for those leaving the organization, while sending a positive message to all employees.

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Training & Team Building

Does the training you offer support your business strategy? Receive objective insight into how well your current programs work. More importantly, find out whether these programs meet employees’ and the organization’s needs. Our training specialists will help you assess where you are and develop a custom plan for employees at all levels. We can then fine-tune – or create – curricula that enhance employee morale and skills.

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