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Five Essential Traits for HR Professionals

If you are hiring someone to work in HR, here are the traits that, based on my years of experience in the field, I think are necessary for success.

Risk management

Your HR professional must be up […]

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Advice for Entrepreneurs

I started my HR consulting business in 2001 and was recently asked by Kabbage, a funding resource for entrepreneurs, if I could provide advice to struggling business owners so here some tips, based on my […]

Outsource HR to Protect and Grow Your Financial Firm

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Getting a Warning Letter at Work

In many cases, there are signs that can signal a problem at work. If you are not included in meetings, if your boss ignores your calls or doesn’t’ meet with you, if you learn about […]

Why Finding Your Niche Creates More Success

LinkedIn is a fabulous tool for networking and learning. I recently connected with Maria Marsala, a business coach, speaker and former Wall Street trader, who has compiled some great advice on the benefits of finding your […]

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